We believe in the simple things when it comes to buying coffee; we only buy good coffee, grown by passionate people.


We value long-term sustainable relationships with partners who have a commitment to the economic and environmental sustainability of their producers. This is why we only work directly with the best we can find in producing countries around the world. We visit in-country regularly and seek to have a consistent personal presence in the regions we buy from. This helps us ensure we are buying the best coffee we can from people who are as passionate and committed to our shared philosophies.


Our green buyer spends hours pouring over samples, tasting each one time and time again, all to ensure we are serving only the best. Quality is always at the forefront of our minds. Our team are well versed in industry quality standards, farm practices and all the other things that go into making a delicious cup of coffee. We are constantly working with our partners selecting from the latest crop and working together to make each harvest better than the last.



We travel the globe to visit our producing partners on a regular basis to bring their stories home with us. It is our job to do their work justice and make sure our customers understand as much as we do what it takes to make great coffee. We work on development projects globally to address the most challenging sustainability issues and we are always keeping an ear to the ground to find new opportunities to showcase something truly innovative and special.