To make our signature blend, we select only the freshest coffee we can from the central Southern regions of Brazil and the Southern states of Colombia. Our regional lots when blended together produce a rich, sweet cup that is supremely consistent year round. In milk you will find it is reminiscent of toffee and milk chocolate, as a black coffee it is balanced and smooth with notes of chocolate and praline.

Coffee trees in the central Southern regions of Brazil are grown in the mountains. These regions are the most established coffee growing regions in Brazil, accounting for over 50% or production. They tend to be sweet and heavy bodied, giving our house blend that lovely rich chocolate taste. In the Southern regions of Colombia the coffee grows on the slopes of the Andes. Rooted in rich volcanic soil the small farms on these slopes produce coffees with a vibrant fruit driven taste. These beans lift our house blend to a new dimension, making it sweet and vibrant. We developed this blend to taste great no matter how you like to drink it year round.


Our coffee beans are roasted in a highly sophisticated production plant in Melbourne. The roasting system allows us to fine tune each batch to craft and execute the best result for each and every coffee. Origins are roasted separately to highlight their individual qualities then blended and packaged to maintain freshness and flavour.

We apply quality assurance practices at every stage of the process from sourcing green coffee, throughout the roasting process and all the way to your individual cup. Our roasting team spends hours assessing, testing and retesting the coffees to make sure they consistently meet our high standards. Our attention to detail and focus on quality mean our customers can always look forward to their coffee.

Our Melbourne facility is HACCP and Organic Certified ensuring we are working hard in delivering delicious, safe and sustainable products.